Written by Ryemarkable Brook Packard, Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal: Three Months of Happy Bedtime Habits is an ideal addition to every family’s bedtime routine. Each week offers a bedtime poem and questions for each day that nurture mindfulness, positivity and resilience while connecting parents with young children (4-8). There are weekly Bedtime Thoughts, and a Morning/Bedtime journal page for older children so everyone in the family gets in the habit of making the most of their days and peacefully transitioning to sleep. According to sleep experts, a consistent bedtime routine is the key to solving most sleep problems. Positive psychologists recommend regular journaling for emotional processing and growth. Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal gives children both at their bedside table, promising a lifetime of sweet dreams.


With this purchase, you'll receive a link to a "secret" page with a playlist of all of the book's poems and affirmations! 


Testimonial from Ryemarkable Andie Raynor:

"Although the days can seem long when your children are small, years pass in the blink of an eye. Ask any parent whose children are grown. And of all the routine moments that comprise parenting, the last goodnights are perhaps the most tender and fleeting. A child’s sweet words (ones you think you’ll always remember), the quiet thoughts shared at the end of the day, the kiss goodnight, seem to slip through your fingers like water. But what if we could catch and preserve a few drops?
The Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal does just that and more. It provides a thoughtful way for parents to help their children establish positive attitudes towards sleep and it captures moments that might otherwise be lost. Whether transcribing a young child’s responses while snuggled in bed or reading words written by older children in that first shaky hand, parents will treasure Sleepytime Club’s Bedtime Journal for years to come. It is more than a helpful parenting tool: it is a pathway to happy sleep and a guardian of precious memories."  

Sleepytime Club's Bedtime Journal


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